Working with us

If you are interested in working at ACFR, we invite you to contact us to discuss your interests. We can offer opportunities for:

Our laboratories are well equipped to support research and development. Facilities available include a network of NT workstations, electronics design and fabrication facilities, and an excellent machine shop, together with a number of experimental autonomous vehicles and robots.

Visiting researchers

We encourage self-supported 3 - 12 month visits by research academics or engineers. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of a visit.

Postgraduate research students

Our students are encouraged to follow their own research interests within one of the centre's areas of expertise. We are active in a wide range of both theoretical and applied research areas, and collaborate routinely with industry. A typical postgraduate research project at the ACFR will have both theoretical and experimental components, and may also involve industry interaction. Our students typically have backgrounds in electrical, electronic or computer engineering, computer science or software engineering, mechanical engineering or mechatronics.

Postgraduate research awards are available from the Australian government for exceptionally well qualified students. Relevant schemes can be found at the Research Office.

Undergraduate students

First to Third Year Students

We may offer some vacation scholarships for January - February in October or November of each year, but interested undergraduate students are welcome to participate at any time. Please contact us for further information.

Final Year Undergraduate Students

Each year a number of Mechatronics or Mechanical students work with us on final year thesis projects. The 2016 list of Research Topics can be found here.

Additional information