How we can help

Our aim is to build long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with companies that have a desire to develop and exploit autonomous system technologies. Industry collaborations begin with a meeting to discuss problems or projects of mutual interest. This may progress to a consulting contract or a research project. Both consulting contracts and research projects are operated under the auspices of the University of Sydney.

  • Consulting contracts are generally short-term and undertaken to provide advice, a design, or a prototype for a specific purpose. Consulting contracts are a good way of ‘testing the water’ to see if your needs and our capabilities are matched.
  • Research projects are often longer term and undertaken to address a major development or demonstration of a technology. Research projects may be wholly funded by an industry partner or can potentially be co-funded through government programmes such as ARC Linkage grants.

The ACFR has a long track record of close and effective collaboration with industry partners both in Australia and internationally. Over the past fifteen years, the ACFR has undertaken approximately $55m of industry contract research grants for over 40 different companies, and has received a number of awards for its work with industry.