What's new at the ACFR?

  • [31 May 2017] Congratulations to Sarah McDonald whose work was recognised on 31 May at the NSW Medical Devices Showcase 2017 hosted by Cicada Innovations and NSW Health. Sarah, who is a joint PhD student between the Sydney Medical School and the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, was awarded the MDCTP Incubation at CICADA Innovations Award (6 months), the Davies Collins Cave IP Strategy Award $10,000 and IDE Group Design and Entrepreneurship Award $50,00 for her work on the development of a device for monitoring labour progression.
  • [31 July 2017] Congratulations to John Gardenier and Rishi Ramakrishnan who came 8th in the final of a combined pick and stow task in the Amazon Robotics Challenge held in Nagoya, Japan 27-30 July 2017.
  • [29 August 2017] At Parliament House, Sarah McDonald, a joint PhD student with ACFR and the Sydney Medical School, whose work on developing a patch for monitoring labour progression, received a grant of 1.47 million through the NSW government's Medical Devices Fund.
  • [30 August 2017] Professor Salah Sukkarieh was awarded the CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science. An expert in robotic and intelligent systems, and with a focus on building tools for the aviation, farming and mining industries, Professor Sukkarieh heads the strategic research and industry engagement program at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics.